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Discover Marbella: London’s New Hotspot for Digital Nomads!

January 8, 2024
New Hotspot for Digital Nomads

Andalusian Authorities Launch WTM in London, Marbella Showcased as Residential Destination

The Andalusian authorities have inaugurated the World Travel Market (WTM) in London, where Marbella is being presented as a residential destination for the British market and to attract digital nomads. The mayor emphasized the importance of this market for the municipality and expressed the desire to attract remote working professionals in addition to tourists.

Marbella Delegation Holds Meetings to Boost British Tourism

On the first day of the event, the Marbella delegation held numerous meetings with tour operators and industry institutions with the aim of increasing the influx of British tourists to the city. Mayor Ángeles Muñoz stated that following Brexit, many UK residents have chosen to settle in Spain, and Marbella is particularly attractive due to its international schools and top-tier public healthcare.

Marbella’s Attractions and Event Hosting Capabilities Highlighted

Muñoz also highlighted the numerous attractions that make the Costa del Sol a desirable destination, including the climate and the opportunities in the culinary and sports sectors. She emphasized in London that the city is a leader in organizing top-tier events, particularly in sports and leisure, always offering its brand of excellence as a synonym for success.

Marbella’s Objective: Consolidating and Projecting the Destination in the British Market

Marbella’s visit to the British capital aims to continue consolidating and projecting the destination in this market. To this end, until Wednesday, November 8, an agenda of meetings with different tour operators, new technology agents, and industry institutions will be carried out. Additionally, the city will extend its presence until Thursday, November 9, by participating in an event organized by the Spanish Luxury Association, where the municipality will present its offerings.

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