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Unveiling Soon: Marbella Welcomes Malaga’s Legendary El Pimpi Bodega!

January 25, 2024
Malaga’s iconic El Pimpi to open in Marbella

El Pimpi Bodega Expands to Marbella

The renowned El Pimpi bodega, a staple of Malaga city, is set to open a new location in Marbella. The historic bar has plans to expand, with the new establishment expected to open in time for the summer season at Marbella’s Puente Romano Hotel.

Modern Space with Traditional Style

The Marbella El Pimpi is anticipated to be a more contemporary space compared to the original, while still preserving the traditional style that has garnered it worldwide fame. The agreement for the new location has been finalized and construction has already commenced.

Opening Date and Venue Details

While the exact opening date is yet to be disclosed, the aim is to have the venue ready by May. The addition of El Pimpi will enhance the existing diverse range of eateries at the Puente Romano complex, which boasts over 20 international bars and restaurants.

El Pimpi: A Malaga Icon

El Pimpi, a reference point for Malaga province, has been a beloved attraction for both locals and tourists since its inception in August 1971. The business venture, initiated by Francisco Campos and Pepe Cobos, now employs over 140 people.

El Pimpi Bodega

Antonio Banderas’ Vision for El Pimpi

The Marbella opening aligns with the aspirations of Malaga actor Antonio Banderas, a partner of the bodega, to broaden El Pimpi’s global presence. Since joining the project in December 2017, this has been a key objective for Banderas, as shared by Pablo Gonzalo, another partner of the bodega.

Banderas’ Culinary Ventures

Banderas is also the founder of the Tercer Acto group, which owns five restaurants in Malaga city. The most recent of these, located in the Real Club Mediterráneo, opened just a few months ago in the La Malagueta area and has quickly become one of the city’s most popular restaurants.

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