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Unraveling the Enigma: Young French Expat Vanishes in Marbella, Car Found Abandoned with Keys

February 5, 2024
Unraveling the Enigma: Young French Expat Vanishes in Marbella, Car Found Abandoned with Keys - screenshot 2024 02 04 10 46 38 490x312 1 - Crime - Young French Expat

French Expat Mysteriously Disappears from Marbella

In a puzzling turn of events, a French expatriate has been reported missing from Marbella since December of the previous year. The 32-year-old’s family first raised the alarm when they discovered his car unlocked, with the windows down and keys in the ignition in Cabopino. The car was found on December 15 near a residence he frequently visited in the Artola Alta urbanisation. The family had not been in contact with him since a phone call two days before the car was found.

Link to Suspicious Vehicle

Adding to the mystery, a suspicious Mercedes with false license plates was found in a nearby parking lot. The police have connected this vehicle to the missing person’s case. The investigation is now being handled by the Udyco force, a unit that specializes in drug-related and organized crime.

Family’s Desperate Appeal

Despite the ongoing investigation, there have been no arrests so far, according to judicial sources who spoke to La Opinion de Malaga. The missing Frenchman, of Algerian origin, was last seen in the company of individuals in the Marques de Guadalmina urbanisation in Estepona, after he lost contact with his family. His concerned relatives have reported his disappearance to the authorities in France as well.

Similar Case of Disappearance

This case bears a striking resemblance to the disappearance of a Dutch citizen in 2020, who was abducted from his car in Marbella and has not been seen since. The man, named Jamal, was forcibly taken from his SUV in front of his wife on the night of August 22 that year. The kidnappers, who were armed and impersonating police officers, forced him into their car and vanished. Jamal’s whereabouts remain unknown.

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