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Prosecutor Demands Trial in Malaga for Muñoz’s Bodyguard Involved in Swedish Scandal

February 14, 2024
Prosecutor Demands Trial in Malaga for Muñoz's Bodyguard Involved in Swedish Scandal - mini1 1707930944 - Crime - Muñoz's Bodyguard

Revelations about Angeles Muñoz’s Bodyguard

In late November 2022, revealed the statement of Angeles Muñoz’s bodyguard. The Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office has made a significant move in its indictment for the so-called Swedish plot. It requests that the former bodyguard of the mayor, Angeles Muñoz, who is being prosecuted for collaborating with drug traffickers, be tried in Malaga instead of the National Court in Madrid. The officer indicated that he acted on the mayor’s orders.

Public Prosecutor’s Document Supports Accusations

The Public Prosecutor’s document, which this digital platform has accessed, supports the arguments contained in the indictment signed by the National Court judge Manuel García Castellón on October 29, 2022. It logically includes the request for penalties, which in the case of Joakim Broberg, the stepson of the mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, total 22 years. It considers him the “leader” of the criminal organization and adds that he had the “collaboration” of his deceased father in money laundering activities.

New Developments Link Case to Marbella City Council

The document includes some very significant new developments, which also link the case to the Marbella City Council and the mayor herself. The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Joakim of bribery, something that García Castellón had not done in his indictment, where he charged him with criminal organization, drug trafficking, and money laundering. However, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking for four years in prison for bribery, the same crime that a local police officer who was the mayor’s bodyguard is accused of.

Allegations of Bribery and Information Exchange

The indictment highlights that Joakim Broberg had contacts with the local police officer, who provided him with “restricted information for exclusive police use in exchange for cash”. The amount obtained by the officer could not be determined as the exchanges were made in “personal encounters to leave no trace”. Therefore, both are accused of bribery and each faces four years in prison.

Possible Trial in Malaga?

Related to this same issue, the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office also introduces a new element, as it believes that the municipal official should not be tried by the National Court. The facts are attributed to the Jury Court, so it requests that he be tried by the Provincial Court of Malaga, as the crimes were committed in Marbella. It will now be the First Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court that decides whether the former bodyguard of the mayor is tried in Madrid or Malaga.

Local Police Officer’s Statement

This local police officer, in a statement before García Castellón on November 21, 2022, said that he had collaborated with the Swedish plot “under the orders” of Angeles Muñoz. Despite this, it is not recorded that the judge took any action to investigate these serious accusations.

Money Laundering Allegations

The Prosecutor’s Office’s document also includes the participation in the plot of two companies, Codecosol and Villas de Puente Romano, as money laundering instruments. These companies were awarded contracts by the Marbella City Council. At the head of them is Nils Fischer, a “trusted person of Joakim Broberg”, for whom a six-year sentence is requested. The document also mentions money transfers from tax havens such as Bermuda and Montenegro, British Virgin Islands.

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