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Breaking News: Unmasking the Terrifying Marbella Shooting – A Trio of Masked Gunmen Shocks Affluent

December 31, 2023
Marbella Shooting

Daylight Shooting Shocks Marbella

In a shocking turn of events, the peaceful resort of Guadalmina Alta in Marbella was disrupted by a violent shooting in broad daylight on Saturday. The incident resulted in at least two people sustaining injuries after multiple gunshots were fired.

Expats and Locals Scramble for Safety

The incident occurred around 12.15am, just as British expats and locals were settling down for lunch. The sudden sound of gunfire sent dozens of people scrambling for cover. Eyewitnesses reported seeing three masked men discharging their weapons.

Victims Injured and Flee the Scene

One of the victims was shot in the leg but managed to escape in a Land Rover. His current location remains unknown. Another man, who was shot in the hand, was rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Aftermath of the Shooting

The aftermath of the shooting was a chilling sight, with a car riddled with bullets and blood splattered on the ground. The car, caught in the crossfire, had blood smeared on its bonnet and surrounding area.

Waitress Recounts the Horrifying Incident

A waitress at the scene described the incident as something straight out of a movie. She recalled seeing a man who seemed nervous and was chain-smoking, as if he was looking for someone. She also witnessed the masked men shooting the man in the leg.

Shooters Arrested at a Nearby Cafe

In a surprising twist, two of the shooters were arrested at a nearby cafe where they had stopped for coffee, less than half an hour after the shooting.

Additional Arrests Made

Three other suspected gang members were apprehended at a petrol station in Benahavis, a town close to the scene of the crime. They were arrested while refuelling their getaway car.

Investigation Underway

The nationalities of the shooters and victims are yet to be determined. A Policia Nacional officer at the scene stated that they could not confirm any details as the investigation is still ongoing.

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