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Breaking News: Spanish Authorities Dismantle Cocaine Queen’s Decades-Long Smuggling Empire!

December 31, 2023
Breaking News: Spanish Authorities Dismantle Cocaine Queen's Decades-Long Smuggling Empire! - queen of cocaine maria teresa jaimez caicedo - Marbella News Crime -

End of the Road for the ‘Queen of Cocaine’

Maria Teresa Jaimes Caicedo, known as the ‘Queen of Cocaine’, has been arrested, marking the end of her 25-year reign in the cocaine smuggling industry. The Marbella expat, who lived a life of luxury in a mansion complete with two swimming pools, a tennis court, and a rainforest-like garden, is now awaiting trial. She is suspected to be the mastermind behind a gang of 16, responsible for a Europe-wide cocaine smuggling operation.

The Luxurious Life of Maria Teresa Jaimes Caicedo

Maria Teresa Jaimes Caicedo was a woman of luxury, often seen in a €700 blouse and carrying designer shopping bags. According to a lead investigator, she managed to live a high-end lifestyle for nearly three decades while secretly orchestrating one of Spain’s largest drug smuggling operations. The investigator described her as a ‘black widow’, having seen two previous husbands imprisoned for smuggling. It is remarkable how she managed to stay under the radar for so long.

Inside the Mansion of the ‘Queen of Cocaine’

The investigator from Greco, a part of the National Police’s Udyco organized crime and drug unit, shared his astonishment upon entering her mansion. From the outside, the house seemed ordinary, but inside it was like a city with interlinking paths and numerous outbuildings where her family resided. The mansion, measuring 3,000 square meters, boasted a garden resembling a jungle, a tennis court, and two swimming pools.

Unraveling the Cocaine Smuggling Operation

The downfall of the smuggling ring came when police discovered a package of cocaine in Maria Teresa’s bedroom. She was supporting around 10 people, including her mother and four children. She had a daily fitness trainer and attended crossfit classes. Her lifestyle was extravagant, always opting for five-star hotels, top-tier restaurants, and luxury cars.

The Fortress-like Villa in Central Marbella

The €3m villa in central Marbella was described as a fortress, equipped with numerous CCTV cameras, high walls, and top-notch security. Maria Teresa’s bedroom was a panic room, accessible only through a false door from a library. The suite featured a marble jacuzzi and a giant mirror on the ceiling above the bed. A packet of cocaine found in her walk-in wardrobe led to her downfall.

The Investigation and Arrests

While Maria Teresa claimed to work as a ‘commercial mediator’ and frequently traveled between Madrid, Barcelona, and Colombia, police began investigating her after a tip-off two years ago. The investigation, named Operation Dryad, revealed her to be the mastermind behind a large Polish/Danish gang that smuggled drugs around Europe. So far, 16 people have been arrested in various locations across Spain, including Marbella, Alhaurin, Fuengirola, Murcia, Barcelona, and Alicante. The majority of those arrested are Polish and Danish expats, along with Colombians and a few Spanish.

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