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Unleash Your Wanderlust in Spain and Portugal for FREE with this Innovative Start-up – Discover the Tiny Catch of Topo Tents!

January 30, 2024
Unleash Your Wanderlust in Spain and Portugal for FREE with this Innovative Start-up - Discover the Tiny Catch of Topo Tents! - 310099749 627862725675609 8544824278091686866 n - Tourism - Topo Tents

Revolutionary Travel Concept: Car Camping with Topo Tents

A groundbreaking travel concept has been introduced that could potentially save hundreds on hotel expenses by transforming your vehicle into an ideal camping spot. Topo tents, a new product on the market, allows you to camp in the heart of nature, wherever you park your car.

Spain: A Paradise for Road Trip Enthusiasts

Spain was recently declared the best country for road trip enthusiasts, according to a study by Compare the Market Australia. The study evaluated the cost, popularity, and safety of road travel in numerous countries, with Spain emerging as the top choice. Coincidentally, a new start-up that eliminates the need for hotel expenses has just been launched in Spain, making it the perfect time to plan an epic road trip through the country’s scenic routes.

Topo: A Unique Camping Experience

Topo, a Portuguese start-up, provides travellers with the option to rent tents that can be mounted on top of their cars. This innovative camping solution, which was recently launched in Marbella, Madrid, and Bilbao, offers road trippers a quick, affordable, and convenient way to travel. Rental prices start from as low as €62 for a weekend, going up to around €200 for a week of adventurous travel.

Topo Tents: Designed for Explorers

According to Topo’s website, their tents are designed for explorers and are comfortable, easy to set up, and easy to dismantle. The tents come equipped with a comfortable cushion, a sturdy floor, and a roof that is perfect for stargazing. All you need to do is park in one of Spain’s many picturesque locations and enjoy a weekend immersed in nature.

Topo’s Expansion Plans

For those looking to venture further, Topo also has stations in Portugal, France, and Mozambique. In Portugal, Topo’s stations are located in Lisboa, Oporto, Faro, Chaves, and Funchal (Madeira). Topo plans to expand its presence in Spain throughout 2024, with new sites planned in Valencia, Barcelona, and San Sebastian. They are also planning to introduce ‘Topo Missions’, which are planned excursions and activities organised in collaboration with local businesses.

Topo’s Customer Support

Topo’s team of experts is always available to assist with any issues or queries via Whatsapp. So why not plan your perfect road trip today?

Other Travel Recommendations

In other travel news, a traditional town in inland Andalucia has the highest number of bars per capita in Spain. This charming city in Portugal is popular with Spanish tourists looking for quieter alternatives to Porto or Lisbon. And don’t miss the picturesque towns on France’s southern coast, which are just a 2-hour drive from Spain.

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